Spring 2015

Thanks for stopping by to visit. We're always happy to see friends old and new. 
Rainy spring weather here in Colorado, but that hasn't stopped us from having a wonderful time everywhere we went. We were at the Shetland Folk Festival and seemed to do real well there. You can read a review here and here. After that, a brief visit to Edinburgh found us playing at Sound House. When we were back Stateside we did a few shows in Arkansas & Kansas. And, as we mentioned before, later this summer we'll be at Grey Fox in New York. Take a look at our Tour Dates page for information about these and other Mollie & Rich Shows.

Thanks and come see us somewhere.  Mollie & Rich


(Special thanks to Iolo Whelan sitting in on drums!)

And by the way, check this out! In My Girlish Days!!!


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