Voice Works 2012

We'll be teaching at Voice Works at Centrum in Port Townsend, WA this summer.  

For more information click here: http://www.centrum.org/ 

Mountain Stage Rebroadcast

Mountain Stage is rebroadcasting the show we appeared on last October. Check it out here :


February News from Mollie & Rich


Hello everyone! Greetings from Denver. We're back from a trip to Scotland where we performed as part of the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. What a great time we had with old and new friends, seeing the sights and hearing some of the finest music. We did our own concert on January 16th, some tapings for the BBC (to be released soon-we’ll keep you posted), a trip to Montrose (near Aberdeen) for a concert, and then back to the Festival where we finished things up by appearing on the Mountain Stage Show with none other than the fabulous Mavis Staples. This show will be made available for listening during the week of April 1st, and also includes appearances with Dougie MacLean and Joy Kills Sorrow. Check out http://www.mountainstage.org/mtnstagebroadcast.aspx for more details.

2011 is promising to be a busy year for us already. We’ve got some upcoming shows you can find out about on our Tour Dates page, including a set at the Swallow Hill Roots Festival appearing with David Crosby and Graham Nash and then up to Chicago for the Old Town School of Folk Music. But the big news is the O’Brien Party of 7 recording. In April, family members Tim, Jackson, and Joel O’Brien will join up with Mollie, Rich, Brigid and Lucy Moore to record an album entirely of Roger Miller songs. Following the record release, we’ll tour a bit later in the summer as a family band and perform at some festivals. We’ll keep you up to date on it all.

Check out our new item at the store page-the official Saints & Sinners shotglass. Suitable for all beverages and all ages, and just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Stay warm for now, and we hope to see you somewhere soon. Mollie & Rich

RootsFest Tickets On Sale Now

We're happy to tell you that we'll be appearing at the 5th Annual Swallow Hill RootsFest on Saturday April 9.  Headlining the show at the Historic Paramount Theater in Denver are the legendary David Crosby and Graham Nash.  Tickets are available now at : http://tickethorse.com/event/roots-fest-2011-crosby-and-nash/684

Mountain Stage Interview

On a recent visit to Mountain Stage, we had a chance to visit with host Larry Groce and talk about the new CD. Visit this link for the interview and some live music clips from the show. http://www.frequency.com/video/mollie-obrien/538381?raw=true


Back from the East Coast

Hello Everyone,

We're glad to be home from a long trip around the East Coast. Our travels took us from Decatur, Georgia to Nova Scotia. Sometimes the crowds were big, sometimes not, but we had a great time and were well received everywhere we went. Thanks to all the friends and family along the way who made it so nice. By the way, our "Saints and Sinners" shotglasses were a big hit. Look for them at upcoming gigs while they last.

One visit was to Mountain Stage in Charleston, West Virginia on October 17th, and that show will be broadcast during the week of November 12. Air-times vary by station, a complete list of which can be found here: http://www.mountainstage.org/mtnstageaffiliates.aspx. You'll also be able to access that show at NPR.org/mountainstage.  The free podcast will be available at iTunes and feedburner.

In the next few weeks we'll be playing in Colorado, at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins on November 12th, at Swallow Hill in Denver on the 13th, then on to Paonia on the 19th at KVNF and finally to The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts on the 20th. In December, Mollie will be in Vermont, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts,  performing with Childsplay. Then after the first of the year we're off to Celtic Connections in Scotland! Stay tuned for further details.


Music from Celtic Colours

We recently did some concerts at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Attached is a link to listen to a set we did on 10/10. We are accompanied by the wonderful Niamh Ni Charra on concertina for a song. Give a listen and enjoy!


October Tour News

October 8, 2010

We’re here at BWI waiting to board our flight to Nova Scotia where the leaves are turning, the weather’s gorgeous, and Celtic Colours International Festival is underway. We’ve been to Rockville, New York City (where Mollie’s inner NYC cabbie appeared), Philadelphia and Annapolis.  Got to play with Rich’s brother in law, Tim and Bryan Sutton and along the way met up with Mollie’s brother Jim, his wife Diane, our friends JD and Maryann Scott and lots of Rich’s cousins. The new Saints & Sinners shotglasses are quite popular at the merchandise table.

Next week it’s 3 dates in Virginia and then Mountain Stage on October 17.  Please check the tour page for all the details.

Where's Mollie O'Brien Been?

Where has Mollie O’Brien been? Maybe you thought she’d retired, or quit, or just plain gone away. In fact, she has been busy all along, busy singing and traveling and making music.

Singing you say? Making music?

Did you hear her at the 2006 Shetland Folk Festival with Rich and daughter Lucy? Or at the Telluride and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festivals with brother Tim? Did you happen to catch her 2007 duo release with Rich, 900 Baseline?

Or maybe you were one of the lucky ones to catch her at the 2010 Celtic Connections. The Herald Scotland did, saying  “Tim O’Brien’s sister Mollie raised the hairs on the back of the neck with her gospel-infused singing of No Ash Will Burn.” (Glasgow, Jan. 31, 2010).

So, it only seems natural that she continue on with “Saints And Sinners”, a team effort again with husband Rich, along with a host of stellar performers. Produced by Ben Winship and Eric Thorin, this song collection assembles an assortment of characters from all walks, and presents them in a way that will draw you in and keep you waiting to see what will happen next.

Twist & Shout Gave S&S a GREAT Review

Yesterday we were thrilled to get our first official review of the cd. It came in the form of an email to me from Paul Epstein the long time owner of Twist and Shout, Denver's best record store. As far as we're concerned, Paul's the music tastemaker in these parts and so getting such a great review is a huge thrill.  You can read it yourself by going to this link: http://twistedspork.blogspot.com/

Next week we'll be appearing at the fall Strawberry Music Festival at the beautiful Camp Mather near Yosemite, CA.  We're bringing along Eric Thorin, the esteemed bass player who also co-produced Saints and Sinners.  For more info check out our tour page or go to : http://www.strawberrymusic.com/

KUNC Adds Saints & Sinners

We hear that KUNC, the NPR affiliate in Greeley CO and a very cool station to boot, will play Saints & Sinners starting tomorrow. So, that means that we're hustling mightily to get the new website up and running by morning.  If you're reading this sometime Monday July 19 or after then that means we accomplished our mission.  And if you'd like, we'd love it if you'd let us know what you think either on Facebook (look for Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore) or by sending us an email at : info@mollieobrien.com. If you don't like it you can let us know there too.

July 9

Last night we officially sold our first cd to our friend Gail.  We met up with her at a neighborhood potluck where we very discreetly handed her a cd and she handed us some money. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it and make it look like we were trying to set up a merch table at a party or something tacky like that so I suppose the transaction looked kind of like a drug deal.   Later after Gail left the party she e'd me to say she went home, put the cd on and listened while she worked.  She gave us a great review but then again maybe she's bit biased ?
This morning Rich heard "Keep It Clean" on KGNU and we think they're the first station to play it (that we know of) and that's great since they're our home town station. I forgot to ask Rich if it sounded good on the radio.

It's Official - The CD is Happening

Today Rich uploaded 10 tunes from the new CD, Saints & Sinners, onto MySpace.  I'm not big fan of MySpace, obviously, but when I went to the page to check it out it was pretty cool to see all the songs there for anyone to hear. Kim, our publicist, sent out a press release. We're getting ready to ship a bunch of cds to our distributor and more promos to press, we've gathered all the metadata for old releases that will go digital, and are finalizing the brand new website (the first since 2001).  So it's official. The cd's happening. We've been busier than one armed paper hangers but we're not complaining.

June 22

This morning around 9:30 am our UPS driver, Pat, pulled up to our house with 24 cartons of our new CD, Saints & Sinners.  Luckily, my brother Tim and my sister-in-law Kit were here visiting on their way back from Telluride and so they helped us make quick work of unloading the cartons from the truck and moving them to Remington Road Records World Headquarters (the basement). This CD's been a long time coming. We've been thinking about a doing a studio cd for several years not only because we're basically playing music solely as a duo now but also because I haven't had a new CD out since 2000.  It's been time for a new one for years.  Rich and I had planned on starting production in early November but my Dad died, not unexpectedly, and that set things back a bit.  We finally finished recording with our producers Ben Winship and Eric Thorin the very beginning of March.  Then a few weeks later Rich had a brand new pacemaker installed.  (That's how the doctors describe the procedure - it kind of sounds like computer maintenance or something and of course, since the device is basically a computer I guess that makes sense.) Luckily Rich felt like a million bucks pretty much immediately and so our plan to get the CD out wasn't too compromised by this little detour.  We got the photos done, the artwork done, a new website almost done  - all that stuff that people do when they're putting out a new CD. We've got ace radio promotion guy Brad Hunt and print and tour publicist Kim Fowler on the case helping us through the morass of getting things to fall into place.  We feel very lucky to have Mongrel Music booking us and Virtual Label distributing our CDs to online sites and to all the cool music stores across the country.

The music business has changed so much in the last 10 years that it's almost too huge of a learning curve for me to contemplate.  But I'm digging in deep and I guess we're ready to go. We're going to keep you posted along the way and hope that you'll be interested to hear all that's happening.

By the way, we gave away the very first copy of Saints & Sinners to Tim and Kit.


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