Away Out on the Mountain

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1994 - Sugar Hill Records

Away Out On The Mountain
Orphan Girl
He Lifts Me
When I Was a Cowboy
Tragic Romance
Don't Let Me Become A Stranger
Home By The Sea
Price To Pay
That's How I Learned To Sing The Blues
Bad Day (Hole In Your Shoe)
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
Father Adieu

Produced by Tim O'Brien

Tim and Mollie O'Brien - vocals
Tim O'Brien - guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle, Hammond organ on "Orphan Girl"
Spencer Bohren - lap steel
Matt Flinner - guitar on "Tragic Romance"
John Magnie - accordion
Rich Moore - electric bass
Scott Nygaard - guitar
Mark Schatz - acoustic bass
Mike Seeger - banjo
Eugene Smith - snare and high hat
Sally Truitt - acoustic bass on "Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down"

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